The Department of Transport and Mechanic

The Manager of the Department
Mr. Ali Sheimat
The Department of Transport and Mechanic  in Mutah University works  in maintaining and sustaining all the vahicles and cars of the  University in its civil and military wings.
Tasks of Department of Transportation and Mechanics
1.Providing required transportation including large and medium buses, and cars to all university military students and faculty members covering all governorates in Jordan. In addition, the university provides transportation to its students in the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Agriculture. The number of vehicles owned by the university is 162 and the number of full-time drivers is 78.
2.Providing transportation to all participants in events in and out of the campus of the university.
3.Providing transportation to all departments and faculties inside and outside university as well as providing transportation to students scientific and entertainment trips.
4.Division of Maintenance of Vehicles upkeeps the sustainability of the vehicles as well as reducing the high costs of maintenance. The division also works to keep vehicles in good appearance. A maintenance garage is provided with all required necessary equipment and spare parts to be used for the maintenance.
5.Preparing logs for each vehicle including consumption of spare parts, tires, oil, batteries etc.
6.Identifying specifications and organizing the purchase of high quality spare parts, oil and tires.