Engineering workshops

Director : Engineer Amer Al-Masanat.
     EWD  was established in 1985 at Mutah University and equipped with industrial equipments which are used for scientific research and training of students, production of metal and wood furniture, glass, spare parts for university facilities. In 1985 engineering workshops department was related to Engineering College  in the military wing. After that, the civilian wing was established and had the department had been extended to cover the needs of furniture for all colleges and administration unites and departments                  
The organization chart includes the following :-
  • Wood Working Section
  • Metal Welding Section
  • Lathing Section
  • Casting Section
  • Follow-up Section
  • Supply Section
  • Training Section


     Provide fast technical services to students of Engineering College, administration staff and all communities of university.


  To achieve perfect engineering services for students and college members. we also aim to  produce most of the  wooden and metal furniture and industrial products for the university  in both wings; achieving the best possible quality at the lowest cost.

Department Objectives

  • Training students of  engineering college  and equip them with basic skills to use the tools and hand tools and operating  some production machinery.
  • Equipping students of mechanical engineering department with some advanced practical skills in production processes and metal machining .
  • Producing all projects that designed by engineering student or by engineering college members .
  • Producing most metal and wooden furniture , spare parts for university and make maintenance for all departments production .
  • Training the colleges students and vocational training center.