Engineering Office

Engineering Office
The Department Of Engineering Office Manager / Eng. Mohamed Ahmad AL-Makawi
The Engineering office was established in 1983 to follow up the engineering work for the needs of the university and plan for the establishment and development of the university buildings and yards.

-  The Engineering Office Includes The Following Divisions:
- Assistant Director.
- Division Of Architectural And Planning.
- Division Of Civil Works.
- Division Of Electrical Works.
- Division Of Mechanical Works.

- Division Of Documents Regulations.

The Functions And Duties Of The Department:
- Prepare tender documents and technical specifications for university projects.
- Design and operate plans for projects of the university buildings and infrastructure.
- Supervise the work of the implementation of the projects at the university.
- Provide technical services and engineering consulting to community organizations.
- Work to make the necessary plans for any additions or amendments to the university buildings and supervise their implementation.
- Cooperation with other Jordanian universities to training the engineering students.
- Make Technical studies of tender after opened it.
- Participate in the Central Tenders Committee and the Committee on Jobs Tenders Subcommittee.