Security Department

University Security Department was established in 1991 as a department, then it reposted to the Utility Unit. In 24 august 2009 it became an independent department that is reported to the University Presidency .
Security department consists of the following  sections :
1.    Internal  security and external facilities section
2.    Information and entrances security section
3.    General safety
4.     Divan
Tasks of the department.
Keeping public order, ensuring security inside the campus, keeping the security of students and employees, also ensuring the protection of all University properties and organizing the entry and exit of employees and student to and out of the University according to the set regulations.
The department staff is distributed as follows:
42 security employees in the morning time distributed to all facilities  complex, yards and different utilities.
39 security  employees on a 24 hours shift system . there are three shifts with thirteen security employees in each shift. they are working 16 hours continuously from 4 p.m to 8 am of the next day , and having 48 hours as off.
13 security employees in the Agriculture College  working as follows:
   - 4 security employees in the morning time
   - 9 security employees on the 24 hours shift system of the university
3 security employees in the Nursing College in the morning  time.The night shift is covered by one security employee from the shift time employees.
24 security employees distributed on the north gate, south gate  and presidency gates. They are all working in the morning time.
5 female security employees on the north, south and presidency gates.
4 general safety employees.
2 employees as observers in the halls of  old and new complexes.