Investment Fund

 1 - Overview:

     Investment Fund was established upon the order No. 35 /1982, which was issued according to the article No. 22 of Mutah University Law No. 26 /1985. Mutah university issued the regulations that organize and control the function of the fund which were modified by the Board of Trustees in 2005.
2 - The Organizational structure of the Fund:
     The fund is directed by the managing committee under the chairmanship of the university president. The committee develops strategies and general policies of the Fund which include the areas of investments in general and the financing of purchases and loans, and any other areas the committee deems appropriate for the perpetuation of the fund's work. The management of the daily business of the fund is carried out by the fund manager and co-workers. These actions are computerized and provide accurate and timely information to decision makers. The organizational chart consists of the following ranks:
The Manager
The Assistant
Budget Section
Loans Section
Investments Section
3 -The Future Plans:

The Fund seeks to implement the following plans in the next five years, namely:
1 -Broadening the base of investments so that their values, risks and brands will vary, leading to achieve the best results for the Fund which will be reflected positively on the university and its staff.
2 - Establishing strategic partnerships between the university and both its employees and the private sector.
For more information kindly contact:
Fund Manager:   Phone: 03 2372380 Ext 6110
Assistant Director:  Ext 3330