Maintenance and Perpetuity Unit

 The Unit of Maintenance and Perpetuity was established in 1993, it comprises the following five departments:
1. The Department of Electricity,
2. The Department of Communications,
3. The Department of Mechanic,
4. The Department of Maintenance,
5. The Department of Control and Tracing.
Unit Duties.
     Starting, maintaining and perpetuating all electrical and mechanical system and equipments from the main and secondary transference stations, spare electricity generation stations, central heating stations and their belonging boilers, water and irrigation pipelines nets, hygienic works, conditioning and cooling machinery, the central kitchens and the waste water stations in all various facilities in the University.
     Moreover, the unit undertakes implementing the required electrical, mechanical, communication and structural works, as well as maintaining, perpetuating, the university buildings and constructions, and developing the understructures of the various university facilities.
    The unit of Maintenance and Perpetuity recommends plans and supervise changes to office space layouts, communication systems, audio systems and overall building additions, repairs, improvements and maintenance. Additionally, it provides assistance and consultation for the local community concerning electrical and mechanical systems support.