The Department of Cultural and Public Relations

     The Department Of Cultural and Public Relations is considered as the coordinator authority of the public activities conducted by colleges, and deanships, such as, the cultural, social and artistic activities. The department works on organizing the university relations with the official, public, local, Arabian and international authorities through its publications and brochures, and organizing conferences, meetings, courses, exhibitions, and the visits of public and official delegations.
     The main concern of the  Department Of Cultural and Public Relations  is the bright image of the university by providing the local and Arabian media with news reports to clarify the goals, the duty, and the message of the university.
The Caltural and Public Relations Department currently involves the Divan and four sections ;
1- The Section of Publications and Technical services.
2- The Section of Cultural Relations & International Agreements.
3- The Section of Media.
4- The Section of Public Relations.
Director of  the Department
Waleed Al-Rawadiah
Mutah University
P.O Box 7, Mutah
Kerak 61710
Tel. 00962-32372380
Ext. 6019, 6020