Latest Applications of Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques for Smart Sustainability :: 30/03/2023

 Prof. Hassanat will be the guest editor in “Sustainability – an Open Access Journal by MDPI”, under the title: “Latest Applications of Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques for Smart Sustainability”.
Prof. Hassanat is the guest editor along with: Dr. Sami Mnasri and Dr. Ahmad S. Tarawneh.

Message from Guest Editors:

The most recent computer vision and machine learning techniques can be applied to deliver smart solutions to various sustainability issues related to environment,

agriculture, energy, transportation, waste management, urban planning, among others.

In this Special Issue, original research articles and reviews in CVML for smart sustainability are welcomed. Research areas may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Environmental issues: promoting sustainable food systems, limiting water pollution, and enhancing air quality, etc.
  • Agricultural issues: crop health analysis, pest and disease detection, and irrigation systems, etc.
  • Energy issues: reducing energy consumption, detecting energy losses, and predicting its demand, etc.
  • Transportation issues: traffic management, improving services, reducing emissions, and vehicle management, etc.
  • Waste management: improving waste collection, detecting and sorting recyclable materials, and reducing waste contamination, etc.
  • Urban planning: analyzing urban landscapes, forecasting urban expansion, issues regarding smart cities, deployment, optimizing land usage, etc.
  • Any related sustainability issues.

Sustainability Journal: Flyer[5416] (1).pdf