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  An overview of the center

E-Learning Center and Learning Resources and its establishment.

Jordan is actively seeking to be at the forefront of the states of the region, and among the ranks of advanced countries moving towards transforming into a knowledge economy, drawing its determination in this from the lofty royal visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein may Allah protect him, and from the determination of its national institutions and its loyal sons and daughters.
And since universities are one of the main requirements for this transformation, as it is the place where knowledge building is formed and students’ skills are refined and where they are prepared for the labor market, it has become obligatory for universities to move forward in developing their educational environment to provide university education based on knowledge economy and targeting it at the same time. The knowledge economy in light of the tremendous technological development and the information age cannot be achieved or even considered without the effective use of information and communication technologies, as it has become an enabling environment for knowledge building in our time.

The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in e-learning and distance learning during the crisis caused by the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, which led to the disruption of movement in all countries of the world, including education in schools and universities; This prompted education stakeholders to take different measures that led to this shift, as distance learning was used as an alternative to regular education despite the poor resources and infrastructure in institutions that were not prepared for this compelling circumstance that surprised the entire world.

From this perspective, the need for establishing a specialized center for e-learning and learning resources at the university has appeared, its mission to advance e-learning in the university, the southern region and the country in general, by overcoming spatial and/or temporal barriers to deliver knowledge to different groups in society in a flexible and appropriate manner. The Center for E-Learning and Learning Resources was established at Mutah University in the year (2021), to be the mainstay of the educational process at the university. the university administration believes that the e-learning system is one of the components of contemporary life, and that the use of modern technology in education facilitates the educational process; so that is more flexible, and helps to create an effective and functional learning environment.

The university has established the Center for E-Learning and Learning Resources to serve the university’s strategy for education, and to help the different faculties to address their different needs and requirements in the use of modern technology within the framework of comprehensive and clear objectives; therefore, the center was provided with qualified staff, laboratories equipped with the latest equipment, and the necessary software systems to support the teaching process.

We are highly confident that the Center will contribute qualitatively to the development of e-learning at the university and at the national level, which will make it a good example in e-learning, and we will work hard to achieve this, drawing the determination and will from the aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein (may God protect him).