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 Center Strategy

University e-learning strategy

 Based on the vision of His Hashemite Majesty King Abdullah II son of Hussein, God blesses and nurtured, Jordan seeks to build a knowledge-based economy that contributes effectively to the development process. As a result, political will has moved towards real change, with government institutions adopting new mechanisms to enhance productivity and educational systems inspired by modern educational methods based on the provision of advanced electronic networks and modern technology. There is still a need to activate mechanisms to ensure that educational systems are reviewed and updated within a regular and continuous methodology to meet the needs of high-tech sectors. This requires the establishment of an effective educational system that links the development of learning to the preparation of human resources that possess modern values, ideas, skills and knowledge to enable Jordan to compete on the world stage.

 Technological tools enable teachers and concerned to provide educational content in several ways of presenting information in a practical way to help learners learn by working more effectively. In addition, the creation of educated communities and ICT supports the sharing and sharing of information in multiple ways and means, as studies have shown that learners learn faster and better through electronic means and are also able to retrieve and employ information in their performance. Improving the quality and utilization of ICT is therefore one of the University's top priorities for the next stages.

To be sure, the activation of ICT in education by including integrated learning methods to develop students' skills is in line with progress in ICT, disciplines and other areas, so that the concept of learning is developed into continuous self-learning consistent with the great acceleration of knowledge, and contributes to building effective assessment mechanisms aimed at assessing students' skills, achievement and performance.

Since universities are the main tributaries of society and the state with specialists in various fields, they have a responsibility to constantly and continuously modernize both teaching methods and techniques and scientific research by adopting everything effective in the field of knowledge construction for students and society and shifting towards a knowledge economy.
As The University of Mutah is the third oldest Jordanian university and the largest university in the Southern Region of the Kingdom, it always seeks to occupy a leading position in the ranks of national, regional and international universities, The University has therefore developed a comprehensive strategy for e-learning and information technology that will advance the reality of the educational process using the advantages and possibilities provided by information technology in the field of education.


Strategy guidelines

 1-Employ ICT to develop an interactive learning environment that meets the needs of the university's academic process to make learning more effective, participatory and high-quality results.

 2-Provide supporting infrastructure, qualified staff and regulatory legislation that serves distance learning and the processes supporting it.

 3-Use ICT to support and rationalize academic decision-making at all levels.

 4-Develop measures to ensure the protection of information and communication systems and intellectual property rights.

 5-Take advantage of ICT-related studies, reports, expertise and efforts in higher education locally, regionally and internationally.

 6-Educating students, academics, administrative workers, the community and donors about the role and importance of ICT in education.

 7-Build appropriate technological learning models and provide supportive and enriching learning sources for curriculum-approved products.

 8-Promoting the principle of public-private partnership in a way that ensures that investment in the ICT sector is encouraged increases its investment returns and creates new jobs.

 9-Develop a follow-up, evaluation and accountability system for the use and employment of ICT in the educational process.

Vision and mission


 Towards outstanding e-learning at a competing university and leading in teaching and learning, scientific research, and sustainable economic and social development


 Effective use of ICT in the learning process and its use in supporting e-learning and distance learning to strengthen the leadership and innovation system, strengthen the capacity of education, applied scientific research, and qualify graduates who can compete in the labor market locally, regionally and globally, to achieve sustainable community development.

Strategic axes:

Regulatory and legislative axis

Human Resources Hub

Technological hub

The focus of the educational process and electronic content

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