Mutah University :: Towards a better educational environment

 Center Strategy

Strategic guiding principles​

1. Activating information and communication technology to develop an interactive learning environment that meets the needs of the academic process at the university so that learning becomes more effective and participatory and its products are of high quality.

2. Providing supportive infrastructure, qualified human cadres, and regulatory legislations that serve the distance learning process and its support operations.

3. Using information and communication technology to support and rationalize academic decision-making at all levels.

 4.Establishing procedures to ensure the protection of information and communication systems and intellectual property rights.

 5. Benefiting from studies, reports, experiences and efforts related to information and communication technology in higher education locally, regionally and internationally.

6. Raising awareness of those concerned with the educational process, including students, academics, administrative workers, a local community and donors, of the role and importance of information and communication technology in education.

7. Adopting appropriate technological educational models, and providing supportive and enriching learning resources for the approved curriculum outcomes.

 8.Promoting the principle of partnership between the public and private sectors in a manner that ensures the encouragement of investment in the information and communication technology sector and increases its investment returns and creates new job opportunities.

9. Developing a monitoring, evaluation and accountability system for the use and employment of information and communication technology in the educational process.



Vision and mission:

1- Vision:

Towards a distinguished online education that achieves leadership in education, scientific research, and economic, social and sustainable development for all segments of society.

2- Mission:

Effective use of information and communication technology in the educational and learning process and its use in support of e-learning and distance learning to enhance the system of entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthen the capabilities of education and applied scientific research, and qualify graduates who are able to compete in the labor market locally, regionally and globally, in order to achieve sustainable societal development.
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