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 A word from the director of the center


A Word from the Director of the Center

 Jordan is actively seeking to be at the forefront of the states of the region, and among the ranks of advanced countries moving towards transforming into a knowledge economy, drawing its determination in this from the lofty royal visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein may Allah protect him, and from the determination of its national institutions and its loyal sons and daughters. And Since universities are one of the main enablers of this transformation, Being the place where knowledge building is formed and students’ skills are refined and where they become prepared for the labor market, it has become obligatory for universities to move forward in developing their educational environment to provide a university education that is based on and at the same time aimed for a knowledge economy. The knowledge economy cannot be achieved or viewed in light of the enormous technological development and the information age without the active use of information and communication technologies, as it has become the enabling environment for knowledge building nowadays.

Mutah University is aware of its responsibility towards this nation’s generations and their future, and in an effort by Mutah university to provide them with an adequate and appropriate learning environment in line with the developments in today’s world, and for the sake of achieving a distinguished future for Mutah University through launching high-level academic programs supported by the adequate educational technology, it became necessary for the university to meet the market needs and to meet the requirements for the change brought on by globalization and technological evolution in all aspects of life, in addition to focusing on meaningful scientific research, and on social responsibility to develop the local community as a true partner in achieving the desired objectives.

 The world has witnessed a qualitative shift in electronic learning and distance learning during the crisis caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which resulted in the disruption of movement in all countries of the world, including disrupting education at the level of schools and universities, which led education stakeholders to take various measures that led to this shift, as distance learning was used as an alternative to in-person learning, despite the poor resources and infrastructure in institutions that were not prepared for this compelling circumstance that shocked the whole world.

In this sense, since electronic learning has become a mandatory component for universities to fulfil their mission and an enabler for the continuity of their work in all circumstances, it is necessary to move towards establishing a systemized and a planned electronic learning in a way that supports the university’s vision and needs. Accordingly, there was a need to establish a specialized center for electronic learning and learning resources at the university, whose mission would be advancing electronic education at various academic, administrative, organizational and infrastructure levels. The idea of establishing such a center reflects the university’s deep belief and conscious awareness of the need to respond quickly and proactively to local and global changes and to keep pace with the developments in the higher education sector, especially the use of technology in education, linking it to the needs of the labor market, and providing flexible learning style for students and teachers. We are highly confident that Mutah University will achieve what it aspires to, through the development of electronic learning, which will place the university at the forefront of Jordanian universities in this field, and among the ranks of the most prestigious international universities.

Director of the E-Learning Center and Learning Resources,

 Dr. Obada AL- Habashnah