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 Director Message

 Mutah University is the largest and oldest governmental University in south Jordan. The University resumed its responsibilities as scientific leading institution in dealing with the Dead Sea studies, which is a unique geological phenomenon beside its industrial and touristic importance. In addition, the center is tackling various water, environmental and energy issues.

Prince Faisal Center for Dead Sea, Environmental and Energy Research (PFC-DSEER) was established in 2002 and restructured in 2006 by merging it with two other centers, Water and Environmental Studies Center and Energy Studies Center. Its primary goal was to identify and to provide the needed scientific consultations and reaches the suitable recommendations to decision makers regarding water resources, environmental, Dead Sea and energy issues. 

The Center mission materializes the Mutah University role in society service and enhancing the applied scientific research. Though designing projects that addresses the local challenges on water, energy and environmental problems facing the community.

Moreover, the southern region contains a diverse natural resources and various industrial enterprises, which makes it an environmental research-rich region. The Center is assisting in finding the solutions to a variety of contemporary Dead Sea, water, energy and environmental problems. Which can be accomplished by collaborative work with our stockholders and affiliated institutions. 

Since its early beginning, the Center have focused on Dead Sea, Water, Energy and environmental issues that require practical solutions. Our approach is simple: identify the problems, call for proposals, collaborate with national and international experts, exploring and validation of possible solutions, sustaining the optimal conditions, and then continue facing the new challenges.

Recently, the center is involved in many climate change activities and researches with national and international partners. Basically through sharing our real time data monitoring system of Climate and water monitoring stations installed at high profile sites with researchers all over the world.

In order to activate the geological and seismological researches concerning the Dead sea as an active seismic zone due to its active tectonic regime, the center is planning to establish the Seismic & geophysics research lab. As we have good researcher collaborative ties between the Center and Faculty of Engineering (Civil Engineering department), with other international research agencies from Germany, turkey and Japan.    

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Thanks again for​ your interest in PFC-DSEER and Mutah University.

Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Alanbar
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Director; PFC-DSEER
Mutah Un​iversity