Mutah University
Karak, Jordan
+(962) 3 2372380

 Our mission

 ​The mission of PFC-DSEER is to encourage, conduct, and coordinate Dead Sea, environmental, water and energy research and related activities. Although the primary emphasis placed on Dead Sea critical geological, industrial, touristic problems, the PFC-DSEER programs expand to encompass national and international water, environmental, energy and climate change issues of common concern. PFC-DSEER goal is to be a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence, with programs incorporating research, education and intelligence services directed toward finding solutions to the Dead Sea, environmental and energy problems in different areas. In addition, the PFC-DSEER serves as regional and national educational institution with ambient related research facilities. Although PFC-DSEER does not grant degrees, its affiliated faculty members/researchers serve as mentors and advisors for undergraduate and graduate students who will ultimately receive their degrees from their departments and faculties at Mutah University.​