Enhancing Quality Assurance Management in Jordanian Universities


WP1 : Scoping and Analysis of Quality Assurance Practices in Jordan
DEV1.1          Survey of Current Situation on QA in Jordan
DEV1.2          Analysis of Current Situation of QA in Jordan
DEV1.3          Gap Analysis Workshop
DEV1.4          White Paper on QA in Jordan
WP2 : State-of-the-Art European QA
DEV2.1          Matching Exercise on Internal EU QA Management-1
DEV2.2          Matching Exercise on Internal EU QA Management-2
DEV2.3          Roundabout on European QA Management
DEV2.4          Report on Current EU QA Management Practices
WP3 : Development of Quality Assurance Management Model
DEV3.1          Workshop on Shared QA Management Principles
DEV3.2          Report on QA Management Principles and Priorities
DEV3.3          Guidelines of QA Management for Jordan
DEV3.4          Workshop on QA Management and its Standards
DEV3.5          Report on QA Management Procedures
DEV3.6          Workshop on QA Management Procedures
DEV3.7          Model of QA Management Procedures in Jordan
WP4 : Piloting of Internal QA Management Model in Jordan
DEV4.1          Selection of Universities for QA Piloting
DEV4.2          First Pilot Exercise of QA Management Model
DEV4.3          Second Pilot Exercise of QA Management Model
DEV4.4          Initial Results on Piloting QA Management Model
DEV4.5          Third Pilot Exercise of QA Management Model
DEV4.6          Final Results on Piloting QA Management Model
WP5 : Capacity Building and Empowering QABs
DEV5.1          Training Session on Institutional QA Management
DEV5.2          Training Session on Setting Up QABs
DEV5.3          Setting up QABs
DEV5.4          Training Session on Institutional Cooperation
DEV5.5          Training Session on External Evaluation
DEV5.6          Multiplying Effect Workshop
WP6 : Target Dissemination and Sustainability
DEV6.1          Ongoing basis Project Website
DEV6.2          Bimonthly Newsletter
DEV6.3          Meetings with Regional Stakeholders
DEV6.4          Final Dissemination Conference
WP7 : Monitoring and Impact Evaluation
DEV7.1          Forming Advisory Board
DEV7.2          Final Evaluation Report
WP8 :  Management
DEV8.1          Kick-off Meeting

DEV8.2          PMT Meetings

DEV8.3          Management Guidelines
DEV8.4          First Interim Report
DEV8.5          Second Interim Report
DEV8.6          Final Report
DEV8.7          Trademark Application Manual
WP9                Exploitation
DEV9.1         Multiplier Units