Prince Faisal Center for Dead Sea, Environmental and Energy Research

Call for Proposals

Call for Dead Sea, Water, Environmental and Energy Proposals (Pre-Proposals or Concept Papers)


Prince Faisal Center for Dead Sea, Environmental and Energy Research invites Mutah University faculty members, interested faculty members from other universities, researchers from different institutions and industry to submit their research projects on Dead Sea, Water, Environmental and Energy research for possible funding.


Proposals can be submitted any time throughout the year.


Preference for research-active faculty initiating work in a new area. Multidisciplinary research is encouraged.


Proposals will be accepted for research in any of the research categories currently supported by government and funding agencies that fund Dead Sea, water, Environmental and Energy research.


Proposal(s) will be submitted to national and international funding agencies via official procedure for funding considerations


Proposal(s) should be prepared following the format guidelines provided with this page. Included in the proposal project description should be a discussion of the potential of this research to generate external funding. Specific programs and the program manager should be identified.


Criteria for evaluation include:
  • Research performance competence as judged by past performance
  • Intrinsic merit of the research
  • Potential for future extramural funding
  • Demonstrated relevance to focus areas cited above


As a result of funding, each principal investigator (PI) will be required to submit to the CENTER, for internal review and upon funding agency's request:
  1. A one page interim project status report due (will be determined based on the project work plan)
  2. A project summary due (will be determined based on the project work plan)
  3. Proof of a grant proposal generated from the Deanship of Scientific Research or any other source for the same project which will be submitted for external funding.


Dr. Osama Mohawesh (Director)
Prince Faisal Center for Dead Sea, Environmental and Energy Research
Mutah University
Mutah 61710

Phone No.: +962 3 237 2380 (Ext. 4945)


Guidelines for preparation of proposals are presented below. The text of the proposal should not exceed 6-7 pages. Sections of the format considered to be text are marked with an asterisk (*).


The cover sheet should include the following information:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Name of the principal investigator(s)
  3. Department and College affiliation
  4. Date of submission


The project summary should be a self-contained description of the proposed activities suitable for publication and not more than one page in length. It should include a statement of objectives, methods to be employed, and the applicability of the research to the emphasis area(s).


The project description should include the following elements: 
  • Statement of Work: The statement should outline the general plan of work, including objectives for the period of the proposed work and a brief description of experimental methods and procedures.
  • Funding Justification: This section should include a discussion of the potential of the research to generate external funding and its relevance to current research and policy issues. Where possible specific funding programs and the program manager should be identified.


A bibliography of pertinent literature is required.


Each proposal must contain a budget that includes the line items listed below. Allocation of costs must comply with Mutah University Policy and Procedure, Costing Practices for Sponsored Research and Service Projects. The dinar requests in the salary, travel, and equipment categories should be explained/justified.
Salaries and Wages: Identify the individuals and categories of salaries and wages and the estimated hours or percentage of time. Allocation of faculty time between academic year and summer months should be in agreement with the procedures of the faculty member’s college.
Fringe Benefits: Itemize benefit costs for each personnel category. Proposed rates should be in conformance with current Mutah University accounting procedures. 
Equipment: List item and dinar amount for each item exceeding JD500. 
Travel: List the type of trip (field, scientific meeting, or conference attendance), the destination and the estimated cost. All travel is to be in accordance with Mutah University travel policies and procedures. 
Other Direct Costs: Itemize the costs not included elsewhere; e.g., materials and supplies, publication costs, consultant services and others. 
Facilities and Administrative Costs 


All current and pending support from whatever source must be listed. Additionally, the PI’s funding history for the last 5 years should be listed. The list should include any project requiring a portion of time of the PI’s and their funding in total costs (direct and indirect).


The following information is required for all PI’s (limited to 3-4pp/PI):
  1. CV, listing academic essentials
  2. List of up to five publications related to the proposed project, and up to five other significant publications. Patents, copyrights, etc.