Goals and Strategic Objectivities

Goal #1: -Achieving high level of education

1.1 Enhancing teaching methods to cope with the updated technology

1.2 Improving and supporting the performance of the faculty on academic and professional levels

1.3 Hiring and keeping distinguished qualified instructors

1.4 Liaising plans and teaching programs with international standards


Goal #2: Developing student’s personality scientifically and socially and instilling in them the spirit of loyalty.

2.1 Advancement of the interactive relationship between the  instructor and the student 
2.2 Enabling the student to play a role in scientific, intellectual and social aspects of life
2.3 Reinforcing positive competition and looking after talented students
2.4 Strengthening the relationship between the university and its graduates
2.5 Establishing the values of loyalty and faithfulness amongst students

Goal #3: Coping with education outputs in accordance with local and international market demands

3.1 Preparing graduates to serve the market
3.2 Focusing on the aspects of applications in setting the course plans and educational programs
3.3 Emphasizing the specializations that fulfill the needs of the market

Goal #4: Developing the university to be an adequate environment for academic, scientific and cultural progress

4.1 Advancement of academic process that goes along with international standards
4.2 Activate the role of the university in serving the cultural life in the south
4.3 Establishing centers for the distinguished  talented students

Goal #5: Enhancing the relationship between the university and the Industrial sector

5.1 Launching initiatives to specify the problems of the society and widely analyze them searching for proper solutions
5.2 Building a factual cooperation between the university and the industrial sector
5.3 Creating technological and business environments

Goal #6: Improving university administrative performance to be more transparent and responsive for the purpose of providing adequate services

6.1 Developing the competence of administrative staff inside the university to improve productivity
6.2 Setting the suitable environment for administrative work whish is based on institutionalization
6.3 Developing a mechanism for liaising between administrative services and academic process
6.4 Developing the legislative and organizational structures of the university

Goal #7: Variation of financial resources and controlling their use to reach a level where university becomes self-independent

7.1 Developing programs and mechanisms that allow the university to gain  financial support. This support can be gained through individuals and local or international organizations
7.2 Developing financial systems that can direct and control expenditures.
7.3 Varying investment activities for the university
7.4 Developing promotional programs for the university on both national and international levels

Goal #8: Developing postgraduate programs to be more effective in producing scientific knowledge and  applied research

8.1 Focusing on the content and methods of teaching postgraduate students according to international standards
8.2 Creating accurate mechanisms for the ongoing assessment for the quality of education and its effective impact on postgraduate studies
8.3 Finding new mechanisms to gain financial support for postgraduate students
8.4 Enhancing the relationships with other foreign outstanding universities in the field of postgraduate studies

Goal #9: Expanding the use of information technology and mechanisms of E-learning

9-1 Be related to the updated changes in the field of communication and information technology
9.2 Employing information technology and communication and merging them with teaching-learning process
9.3 Using management information systems in managing the university

Goal #10: Advancement of scientific research to reach international levels

10.1 Encouraging the concept of scientific research and focusing on it as a significant source for assuring quality
10.2 Setting the suitable environment that promotes scientific research which is linked to the sustainable development demands
10-3 Developing specific standards of quality assurance for scientific research to reach international levels