Department of Forensic Medicine, Pathology and Community Medicine

Department of Public Health   & Community Medicine


1.   Apply their knowledge and skills in the medical discipline to fulfill the needs of the nation
2.   Solve problems, think creatively, and learn new skills independently and efficiently in order to become safe, caring and competent doctors
3.   Use information from various resources in order to improve medical related knowledge, skills and productivity
4.   Functions in their profession with high ethical values


1.   Constructing a management plan of commonly encountered problems of individual patient and the community
2.   Practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered  health problems
3.   Appreciate the socio-psychological, culture, economic and environmental factors affecting health and development humane attitude towards discharging one’s professional responsibility
4.   Be competent to work in a variety of health care settings and posses high moral values, ethics and      professionalism
5.   Be able to work as a leading partner in health care teams and acquire proficiency in communication skills
6.   Identify community health problems and learn to work to resolve these by designing, instituting corrective steps and evaluating outcome of such measures


1.   Describe the public health care services.
2.   Describe the scope, vision, and methods involved in public health.
3.   Identified the scope of environmental health.
4.   Describe public health components.
5.   Describe measurement of health and diseases, and it’s prevention and control
6.   Describe basic concept of epidemiology.
7.   Identified the scope of occupational health.
8.   Describe basic concept of biostatics.

Dr Nedal Awad abed Alnawaiseh 
*Assistant professor

of Community Medicine & Chairman
*Public Health & Community Medicine.

Environmental Health, Occupational Health,

Toxicology, Risk Assessment Epidemiology & Biostatistics. Medical Ethics & Medical Terminology. Mobile: +962795586831. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
*Al-Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq. 1987: M.B.Ch.B. Jordan University, Jordan. 1990: Emergency Medicine. JUST, Jordan. 2005: MSc/Public Health/Epidemiology.Tulane University, USA. 2007: MSPH/ SPHTM. HUKM, KL, Malaysia. 2012: PhD/UNU-IIGH, UKM: CM

Mona Mohamed Mortada Ali
Tel: 0797540978
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Speciasity : Public Health
Certificale : Ph.D of public Health majoring in MCH. University of Aleaxandria , Egypt / 1981
Dr Munir Abu-Helalah
Assistant professor of Epidemiology &preventive medicine department of forensic Medicine, pathology and public Health

phD in Epidemiology and preventive Medicine
University of London
Graduate on 31 March 2009