Faculty of Medicine Council:


Dean of the Faculty of MedicineProfessor  Zuhair Ammarin  
Vice Dean  for Basic SciencesProfessor  Salim M Hassan 
Acting Vice Dean for Clinical Sciences  Assist Prof  Kitam Al-Rofu
Acting Vice Dean for Hospital and Clinical Affairs Assist Prof  Abdulkader Al-Habashna
Council Secretary Assist Prof  Samiyh Al-Saraira
Head of Departments
Acting Chairman of Anatomy & Histology
Assist Prof Aiman AL-Qtaitat  
Chairman of Dept of Physiology & PathologyProfessor Fakher Al-ani
Acting Chairman of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Assist Prof  Jehad Al-Shuneigat
Acting Chairman of  Dept of Pharmacology Assist Prof Yousif Al-Saraira
Acting Chairman of Microbiology Assist Prof  Hamid Al--Zoubi 
Acting Chairman of Community MedicineAssist Prof Nidal Al-Nawaisa
Chairman of Dept of Internal Medicine & Forensic Medicine  Professor Amal Mashali
Chairman of Obstetrics & GynecologyProfessor Nather Hawa
Acting Chairman of General SurgeryAssist Prof  Jamil Sawakid
Acting Chairman of Special Surgery Assist Prof  Abdull Raham Al-Harazna
Acting Chairman of  PediatricsAssist Prof  Salma Ajarma
Departments' Representatives
Anatomy & Histology DeptAssist Prof  Omar Al-Rawashda
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology DeptAssist Prof  Samiyh Al-Saraira
Physiology & Pathology Dept Dr Dhmia Al-Rahal  
Pharmacology Dept Associate Prof Mohammed Sobo
Community Medicine  DeptAssist Prof  Munir Abu-Helala
Microbiology DepartmentAssist Prof  Eman Batayna
Internal  Medicine & Forensic Medicine Assist Prof  Moatasim Al-Omari 
General Surgery DeptAssociate Prof Dr  Saad Al-azawi
Obstetrics & Gynecology DeptAssist Prof  Dr Moamer Al-Jefot
Special Surgery DeptAssist Prof  Mohamed Al-Soub 
Pediatrics DeptAssist Prof  Enas Al-Zaidna 
Representative of the Local CommunityDr Zakaria Al-Newaisa
Representative of the Local CommunityDr Tarik Al-Mominy   
Students' representative