The Department of Physical Education

Prof. Mohammed Khasawneh more...
Management and Organization in Physical Education and Sport,
Bucharest University, Romanian.

Prof. Amjad Madanat more...
Physical Training,
Russian State Academy Of Physical Culture, Russian, 1996.

Prof. Hasan Al-Tawil  CV more...
Curriculum and Instruction,
Michigan State University, USA, 1998.

Prof. Abdelsalam Al-Naddaf more...
Methods of Teaching in Physical Education and Sport Psychology,
Texas A&M University, USA, 1997.

Prof. Ali Abu-Zamia more...
Physical Training (Swimming),
Ukraina University of Physical Education, 1997

Dr. Salim Al-Jazzazi more...
Associate Professor
Measurement and Evaluation,
A-gazeeg University, Egypt, 1992.

Dr. Mohmood Al-Widyan more...
Associate Professor
Volley ball,
Russian State Academy of Physical Education, Russia, 1997.

Dr. Qassem Moh'd Khwileh more...
Associate Professor
Motor Learning, Track and Filed
Almawsel University, 1997.

Dr. Zain Al-Abedin Moh'd Bani Hani more...
Associate Professor
Physical education sport psychology ,sport Sociology

Jordan University, 1999.

Dr . jamal Ali Rababah

Methods of Teaching in Physical Education , Volley ball

Jordan University, 1999

Dr. Majdoleen Mohammad Obedat


Physical education / gymnastics

Jordan University 2008

Miss . Rehab Mohammad Obedat



Yarmouk University

Mr.Samer nhar al-soob