Department of Accounting


The department of accounting, one of five departments at the faculty of business administration, was established in 1991. The department's mission is to ensure general business and specialized accounting education at undergraduate level that prepares students to become both productive citizens and successful professional accountants. This mission is consistent with the university's mission and philosophy in providing the Jordanian society with specialists in various fields of science who are equipped with various skills and leadership traits that would enable them to become productive citizens and successful professionals. The department of accounting focuses on achieving its mission on maintaining a responsive accounting program that provides students with:

    • Sufficient technical and conceptual knowledge for a successful carrier in accounting;

    • Problem solving, analytical, numeric and communication skills necessary to apply their knowledge in a professional setting.

The department of accounting offers a bachelor degree in accounting (BA) after the successful completion of 130 credit hours of compulsory and elective courses. In addition to the courses offered for accounting students in the military wing, the department offers accounting courses for 353 accounting students currently enrolled in the civilian wing. Also, the department serves the educational needs of the faculty of business administration as well as other faculties in the university by teaching various accounting courses for their students. Moreover, the department of accounting is working towards starting a master program in accounting and financial control in the near future.

In addition, the department of accounting through its faculty plays an active role in advancing the accounting profession in Jordan. It organized and participated in several seminars and conferences that had an effect on advancing the accounting profession in Jordan. For instance, the recommendations of first accounting seminar organized by the department in 1995, resulted in the foundation of the Jordanian Accounting Association (JAA). Since its foundation in 1996 until 2004, JAA presidents were members of the department's full-time teaching staff. More recently, the accounting conference organized by the department in 2004, under the title: "Accounting in the information age: realities and challenges" with a wide participation from accounting academics and professionals from Jordan and abroad concluded with valuable recommendations to advance accounting profession and education. The updated current program structure implemented in the academic year 2004/2005 benefited significantly from these recommendations.