Department of Protection and IPM


Head of department


Dr. Nofal Al-Ameiri






Department of Protection and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) aspires to be the best centre for education and scientific research, providing valued advices and scientific consultations that contribute to the progress of agricultural crops to the highest standards, protecting plants from the attack of many pests that threaten crops for the sake of the community and reducing the impact of the use of chemical pesticides and their hazards to the environment and finding more safe alternatives to pesticides based on integrated pest management.






Appling accreditation standards and modern international educational systems in order to prepare a graduate (an agricultural engineer) capable of providing distinctive agricultural services, capable of solving the problems of agricultural production and increasing it, and capable of finding innovative and creative solutions, and is environmentally intellectual. Carrying out the studies and scientific research to increase the scientific and applied knowledge of workers in the field of plant protection in Jordan.






1. To create a graduate as an agricultural engineer or a counselor or staff member working in the agricultural sector who is able to provide high-quality standard agricultural services and to compete strongly with graduates of other universities in the labor market.


2. Dissemination of knowledge in the community about the importance of IPM programs and their role in preserving the environment and limit the use of chemical pesticides, and the importance of safety of agricultural products as free of diseases and toxic pesticide residues.


3. Doing scientific research that contributes to finding solutions for the use of alternative pesticides.


4. Development of awareness of farmers and agricultural workers in the field of agriculture and the dissemination of new information to get higher productivity and better agricultural products.


5. Cooperation with government agencies and local community organizations to exchange experience, knowledge and the latest developments in the field of plant protection.